Gunman kills officer at MIT, still on the loose

Posted by Justin McCallum on April 19, 2013 under Campus News, Cities | Comments are off for this article

According to reports by CNN and the Atlantic, shots were fired on the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge by an unidentified shooter around 10:30 p.m. tonight. A police officer was fatally shot and later died at Mass. General Hospital, according to State Police.

MIT issued an emergency alert at 10:48 p.m. to its students that the shots were fired, and the the campus newspaper The Tech reported that the incident occurred near 32 Vassar St.

“The situation is considered active and extremely dangerous,” according to a statement by MIT. As of 12:37 a.m., the shooter is said to remain at large, and Cambridge students are cautioned to stay indoors while police sweep the area. For updates, visit the MIT Emergency Page, and check back on the Tufts Daily blog.

Reported gunman on MIT Campus, found to be false

Posted by Justin McCallum on February 23, 2013 under Announcements, Cities | Comments are off for this article

This morning the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Emergency system issued an alert at 9:22 that there was a “a person with a long rifle and body armor in the Main Group Building of MIT.”

Many different law officials — including the FBI and Secret Service according to CBS News Boston — were called to the scene as the campus went into lockdown, advising all students to stay indoors and seek appropriate shelter.

At 10:45 the emergency blog updated the students that the issue had been dealt with and the campus would be “returning to normal operations” while MIT police continued to monitor the situation. Police tape was removed from Massachusetts Avenue, and the traffic was allowed to resume according to the Cambridge Police twitter account, which also announced there was no threat posed in the city:

In the case of suspicious activity on Tufts campus, please report it to TUPD at (617) 627-3030.