Video: ‘I Love You Because’ Preview

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Torn Ticket II’s workshop production of Cunningham and Saltzman’s “I Love You Because” premieres Friday and Saturday at 8PM in the Crane Room. Hear some of the catchy tunes and hear from one of it’s stars, Maya Grodman, and music director Melissa Weikart in this video:

Hot off the Presses

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Sadly, the Daily is still experiences some technical difficulties with our main website so not all of the articles are appearing online for a bit, but nonetheless here is today’s biggest news:


Justin McCallum / The Tufts Daily

TCU Election results show new and old faces will be a part of Senate in coming school year.

The Tufts Democrats hosted Senate hopeful Ed Markey for a visit to the Hill yesterday as a part of their renewed activism in the special election happening this year. Check out a video of his speech here.

The Tufts Republicans joined the Tufts Dems as well as 49 other collegiate divisions of the political organizations in showing their support for marriage equality.

Professor Pawan Dhingra will serve as the new chair of the Sociology Department starting this fall.

The university is finally moving closer to establishing a film studies major through interdisciplinary cohesion.

‘bobrauschenbergamerica’ promises a bold theater experience as Drama department’s spring production.

Women’s crew starts the 2013 season with a big splash at the Spring opener, showing strongly in varsity boats.

‘Measure for Measure’ $1 Night

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Students who haven’t had the chance to check out the Department of Drama and Dance’s modern interpretation of the bard’s “Measure for Measure” have the chance to do so tomorrow evening with the special $1 night. Tickets are available at the Balch Arena Box Office, but they’ll sell out quick!

To get a look into the show, watch this preview of the play complete with interviews from director Sheriden Thomas, costume director Marney Kingsley, and actors Edward Rosini and Evey Reidy.