Commons Open Late for Students

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Almost every Tufts student has experienced it: the panic that arises from looking at a clock on a Friday or Saturday night, realizing it’s 7:25 p.m. and remembering that the dining halls close in five minutes. Students then have the option of either sprinting to Dewick and hoping to sneak inside before it closes, or sighing and resigning to ordering Pizza Days.

However, thanks to the TCU Senate, students who can’t make dinner at the dining halls on Fridays or Saturdays now have a third option: The Commons. Located in the Mayer Campus Center, the Commons will now accept meal swipes on Friday and Saturday nights between 9 P.M. and 2 A.M. As seen just last weekend, this recent change seems to be wildly popular. Before, on weekend nights, the Mayer Campus Center was somewhat empty with a quiet and not particularly social atmosphere. However, last weekend alone, The Commons exploded and the impact could be heard throughout the Campus Center. While The Commons was almost overwhelmingly crowded — a result of the new change that will surely fade over time — the positive potential for weekend nights was clearly evident. Within the crowded Commons, students could be seen bumping into each other (literally), catching up, and socializing. However, the activity wasn’t confined to the cafeteria lines. Once students bought their food, many elected to stay in the Campus Center to eat, allowing themselves to catch up with friends rather than choosing to return to their dorms or houses.

This late-night meal option certainly increases social activity, as it gives students the opportunity to go out rather than just order food in dorms or houses. Moreover, it also keeps students safe. Around 11 P.M., most students, sober or not, begin the search for food. While some might order food for delivery (and then be tied to their location), others still may elect to walk off campus to eat at Helen’s or Anna’s in Davis Square. The late-night hours at The Commons give students a closer, more accessible dining option that will allow them to remain on campus late at night.

While students still have the option to either go out for food or to order in, the affordability and convenience provided by the new hours at The Commons have already proven valuable to the Tufts community— this includes students who don’t like to go out and are looking for a social atmosphere and students who have been out and are just looking for food. The Commons and the Mayer Campus Center now have the potential to be a Jumbo’s preferred weekend night destination.

Monday’s Editorial Cartoon

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A New Mural is Unveiled at the Mayer Campus Center

Illustrations by Denise Amisial

Captured: Vagina Monologue ladies invade the Campus Center

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In a guerrilla advertising campaign, the ladies of Vagina Monologues have been running around campus today yelling about their upcoming show on Friday and Saturday night. Be on the look out for their signs and incessant chanting of “Vagina! Vagina! Vagina!”