Street Smarts: Tufts Sartorial Scene

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With snow, mud and slush on our minds, boots, and cuffs of our jeans, it’s hard to look particularly fashionable in the thick of winter. But nevertheless, some Jumbos are still making do! We got to see lots of fur, light jackets, and scarves to keep warm with a touch of style. Definite trends right now are fun accessories like fur and scarves to jazz up multiple layers and unique coats. But your absolute must on campus? Winter boots! Here are some of those Jumbos who caught our Sartorial eye:


“My favorite thing I’m wearing is my fur vest and sunglasses, I always have to wear them. It’s faux fur because I had a bunny rabbit growing up.” — Maddie Mayerson, senior.


“I love my fur because ti adds class to a very casual outfit, and it keeps me warm! I like to wear multiple layers with different colors and patterns, like my shirt.” — Barbara Florvil, senior.


“I love my coat! My mom gave it to me and it’s really comfortable. I never leave my house without this coat.” – Ana Kanter, senior.


“My favorite thing I’m wearing is definitely this blue J. Crew jacket I have. It was too light without a sweatshirt though. I like slim or skinny jeans and simple, lighter clothes. I guess I’d say it’s sporty chic.” — Joey Reiff, sophomore.


“I’m not American, I don’t like what people wear here – it’s very sporty. I wouldn’t just go out in sweatpants.” Luza von Wangenheim,  junior.


“When I was getting dressed I started with my boots and everything else kind of comes together. I love scarves. I try to include them in my outfit if possible. I also like tights too, especially when that ombre stuff was going on.” — Astrid Fuentes, junior.


“Quite honestly, I woke up this morning and ran out of the house without putting much thought into it. I’m actually not a big fan of what I’m wearing, but people usually tell me it’s obvious i’m from coastal Maine.” — Matthew Homer, junior.


“I feel like I’m 12 when I wear sneakers – usually I have to wear ugly rainboots. I come from the Middle East so it’s a big difference.” — Maya Ammar, senior.


“I was thinking it’s not the summer yet, but it’s warmer than it could be so let’s bring out the wild side.”  – Angela Sun, senior.


“I bought this skirt in Japan. Sometimes strangers talk to me about it and say it’s cute!” — Hanako Kurosawa, Fletcher graduate student.


“It was actually warm today so I decided to wear something comfortable that’s also good for work.”– Xiro Lin, first year graduate student.

Compiled by Mackenzie Brewster and Justin McCallum, Photos by Justin McCallum.

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