Column Photos: The Roaming Fork | Taro

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These photos accompany the “Root of the Problem” installment of Melissa MacEwen’s column, The Roaming Fork. To see the recipe she used for this meal, click here!

Taro 1

Packaged vegetarian taro cake.

Taro 2

Slicing up the packaged taro. The texture felt similar to tofu.

Taro 3

Frying the tofu in sesame oil (I used paper towels to blot up some of the grease).

Taro 4

Raw taro root. This thing probably weighed about 5 pounds.

Taro 5

Slicing up the taro root. Notice the purple flecks in the root. At this point, the root smelled somewhat floral, but had a distinct, sharp undertone.

Taro 6

Boiling the taro root.

Taro 7

Cooking the tapioca pearls (my suite doesn’t have many real pans….)

Taro 8

Taro/tapioca pudding. Decidedly unglamorous looking!

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