Video | ‘Measure for Measure’ Preview

Posted by Justin McCallum on February 14, 2013 under Arts & Living, Video | Comments are off for this article

The Department for Drama and Dance’s winter play “Measure for Measure” is bringing a modern interpretation of the bard’s classic to campus when it opens tonight at 8PM.

“This is Shakespeare with the sex, and the prostitutes and the leather, no British people, we’re not walking around talking like robots like ‘What light soft from yonder window breaks!’ – No!” said Every Reidy, a freshman starring as Madame Ontop in the show. “This is Shakespeare broken down, and messed up. It’s Shakespeare like you’ve never seen it.”

Director Sheriden Thomas, a lecturer in the Drama and Dance Department, based her concept on the recent presidential election, incorporating references to the Occupy Movement and modernizing the show.

“The difficulty of governing caused me to think about what a community would ask of a Governor, and so I cast 20 actors to create that community that the Governor then has to deal with,” she told The Daily.

To catch a glimpse of the show, check out the video preview below. “Measure for Measure” plays February 14-16 and 21-23, with shows beginning at 8PM. Tickets are on sale at the Balch Arena Box Office for $7 for students and seniors, $12 for the general public, with a special $1 night on Thursday, February 21.

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