Column Photos: “The Roaming Fork” tackles sea cucumber!

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These photos accompany the “Nothing but coelomates“  Melissa MacEwan’s column “The Roaming Fork.”

Cuke 1

The sea cucumbers in their package. They didn’t look particularly appetizing, but they didn’t look gross, either.

Cuke 2

Soaking the sea cucumber so they would thaw to room temperature.

Cuke 3

Cukes after being thoroughly washed in the sink.

Cuke 4

Next step was to cut the sea cucumbers lengthwise and remove the intestines.

Cuke 5

Boiling the cucumbers with scallions and ginger.

Cuke 6

Cooking the shitake mushrooms.

Cuke 7

Everything came together quite nicely!

If you’re in the mood to try out this dish yourself, you can find the recipe here! Want more of today’s columns? See a full list only on Jumbo Slice!

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