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The Daily asked students around campus what their stance is on Obama’s gun control policy. See their responses below, and to read more on the issue check out the first installment of our three-part feature on fire arms in America.

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“I think the President, limited by his place as the executive, implemented a number of common-sense executive actions and some very good quality recommendations that Congress should act on immediately. I do feel, however, that true changes in gun violence will only come from the legislature.”

Patrick Hamon, sophomore

“I briefly looked over it to see if there was anything ridiculous looking and it all seemed pretty reasonable to me. I don’t like saying it, but I’m of what I believe to be a large group of people who think, ‘I don’t have a gun, so so long as it’s not unreasonably overreaching, do your thing, Mr. President.”

Yulia Korovikov, senior

“I think the decision to provide financing to expand mental health programs is most important. If we can start upstream and try to prevent the problems that spur the gun usage in the first place, then maybe we can reduce the violence.”

– Maddy Kenler, freshman

“We have a huge problem in this country with gun control, and we need to get t together. Civilians do not need automatic weapons.”

– Natalie Salk, senior

“Although I appreciate the goals that the President has in mind for his gun control proposal, I still have large concerns that it may not be enough. I think that instating strict mental health check-ups funded by the government for all those who own a gun above your average BB gun should be in order.”

Patrick Bressette, junor

“I believe that the only way to actually stop gun violence is to A) decrease the number of arms in the United States severely and, B) increase the availability and helpfulness of our mental health care system. The proposals enacted by Congress and Obama… should rather focus on solutions which will contribute to solving the problem, not solutions which simply enforce what we’ve already been doing.”

Andrew Carp, sophomore

“I think that these are good first steps in preventing future attacks like the one at Sandy Hook. However, I don’t think that this should be the final push for gun control in America. The fact that they are so easily accessible at gun shows and the fact that families own excessive amounts of guns and don’t store them properly are all major issues that this proposal doesn’t address.”

Ethan Finkelstein, freshman

“Although guns themselves are obviously not the problem, there’s nothing wrong in treating for a symptom when it is that symptom itself which allows for the disease to claim more victims than it would have otherwise.”

Collin Hull, senior

This post was compiled by the Features Department of The Tufts Daily. Some quotes have been republished from a print article that previously appeared.

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