Admissions Officer answers questions online

Posted by Justin McCallum on January 3, 2013 under Campus News | Comments are off for this article

Associate Director of Admissions Daniel Grayson hosted a “IAMA College Admissions Officer, on the precipice of the Deadline,” series yesterday where he answered a slew of questions about the college application process.

In the forum, Grayson explained the lies behind some admissions myths and revealed information about Tufts’ selection process. When asked whether Tufts preferences students who attended private schools, for example, Grayson said he is “not nearly douchey enough for this to be true.”

Additionally, Grayson provided relief for those worrying about submitting an application a few minutes late, writing “my attitude is, if it’s January 3rd somewhere, you’re ok.”

He also underscored the need for diversity.

“[A] school filled to the brim exclusively with white suburban females from identical socioeconomic backgrounds sounds horrifically dull to me, and I suspect strongly that there aren’t many people that would want to attend (including other white suburban affluent females),” Grayson wrote on the forum. “Like it or not, fair or not, diversity matters.”

Grayson addressed other topics in admissions, like the role of a family’s legacy, political beliefs and SAT scores.

To see the full forum, click here. And for more Jumbo-related reading check out Grayson’s admissions blog where the self-proclaimed “Karaoke Master” dishes on the inner workings of reading applications.

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