You’ve Probably Never Heard of…. Honeyman and the Brothers Farr

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You’ve probably never heard of Honeyman and the Brothers Farr, but Canada has. Quebec, the same province that gave birth to The Arcade Fire and Rufus Wainwright, was also the breeding-ground for this group in 2006. Simon Honeyman, Eric Farr and James Farr bring together elements of classical, blues, folk and flamenco in a unique songwriting collective.

Their debut album, “Behind the Veil, Behind the Veil” (2010) is a contemplative, acoustic-based ramble between and beyond these genres. Though the band has drawn audiences mostly in Montreal and Ottawa, they have been steadily gaining fans beyond Canadian borders, particularly for their cover of The Avett Brothers single “Live and Die,” a simple and gorgeous rendition of the song that combines a single guitar with lush vocal harmonies. This past fall The Avett Brothers chose the cover as the winner of a contest that challenged musicians to submit YouTube videos of their version of the song.

The group is notable especially for its tenor vocals, which frequently blend Simon and Garfunkel-style a cappella or over string/piano accompaniment. We’re looking forward to their next album release, which is scheduled for sometime this year.

Check out the group’s winning cover of “Live and Die” below:

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