Tufts Primary Source prints “Christmas carol” satirizing sexual violence awareness event, prompts outrage

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Six years after The Primary Source faced charges of harassment for publishing a satirical “Christmas carol” that called black students “boisterous yet desirable” and mocked affirmative action by suggesting that minorities were academically unqualified for Tufts, the conservative publication has enraged much of the community once again — this time by republishing a 1999 Source Christmas carol that calls feminists at Tufts “slutty dressers” and suggests that Tufts’ feminists “should have been born lesbian.”

From the Tufts Daily blogs Instagram, @tuftsjumboslice

From the Tufts Daily blog's Instagram, @tuftsjumboslice

The full text of the carol republished on page 12 of the Dec.12, 2012 issue, entitled “Take Back the Night” and meant to be sung to the tune of “O Christmas Tree,” reads as follows:

Tufts feminists, take back the night,

From evil male opressors,

We don’t enjoy your advances,

Although we’re slutty dressers.

Our bodies were not made for men,

We should have been born lesbian,

Oh feminists, take back the night,

Tufts guys are overrated.

The wording of the carol is an exact copy of a carol published in the Source on December 9, 1999, including an identical misspelling of the word “oppressors.”

The carol made its rounds through the Tufts community via social media today, and many Tufts students have registered their anger with its content and with the Source‘s decision to run the carol, which was part of a spread of joke carols the Source publishes annually.

TCU President Wyatt Cadley released an open letter to the Source‘s Executive Board criticizing the publication for making light of sexual assault and mocking an event entitled “Take Back the Night” that took place in October, which aimed to raise awareness about sexual violence.

“Conservative thought is and should be better than this,” Cadley wrote in a letter published on Facebook. “I sincerely hope that you will offer a public apology to all those that you have hurt. I further hope take you will take the ensuing outrage as a sign that sexual assault is not a joke: and should not be treated as such.”

Dean of Student Affairs Bruce Reitman joined the chorus of Source critics in an e-mail sent to the Tufts community at 4:37 p.m.

“The sentiments it expresses do not represent the values and aspirations of most members of the Tufts community,” Reitman wrote. “It is our duty as a community to take issues of sexual assault and sexual safety seriously; there is nothing funny about them.”

The pages where the carol–and three others like it–were printed were published anonymously without attribution. The Daily is awaiting comment from the paper’s editor-in-chief, junior Christopher Piraino.

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