Men's Swimming | Sequential victories help Tufts defeat Wheaton and WPI

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–by G.J. Vitale // Contributing Writer

“1, 2, 3! Yes, yes, yes!” reverberated through the natatorium at Wheaton this Saturday as the men’s swimming and diving team defeated both Wheaton and Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) with a bevy of 1-2-3 sweeps.

“That is what Tufts swimming is all about,” sophomore Craig Olynyk said, “always making more noise than everyone else, but having the talent to back it up.”

The Jumbos walked the walk, attaining about a 50-point spread over each of their opponents. In the total team effort, victory was both statistical and moral for Tufts.

“It served to get the team more excited for the upcoming championship season,” Olynyk said.

The first 1-2-3 finish of the day was the 200-yard freestyle, where sophomore Kyle Savidge, senior Alex Strittmatter, and freshman Mike Napolitano all finished within one second of each other. Strittmatter would later take first in the 500-yard freestyle.

Another sweep (the 100-yard breastroke) was led by senior Owen Rood, followed by freshmen Michael Ren and Sean Gunn. The 200-yard backstroke was more of the same, as Savidge led another sweep with sophomores Christian Jones and Olynyk finishing second and third respectively. In the 50-yard breaststroke, the Jumbos sweeped again, this time with senior Brandon Ching finishing in front of sophomore Andrew Berman and Ren. Their last 1-2-3 finish came in the 100-yard butterfly when freshman Mike Napolitano beat out Berman and sophomore Eric Douglas.

The last event, the 200-yard freestyle relay, resulted in a first-place finish by the team of Strittmatter, Rood, and freshman Will Parker.

In the following weeks, coach Adam Hoyt will taper their normal workouts, in hopes to emphasize mechanics and fix the little things necessary to help them in the fast-approaching championship season.

The next couple of weeks are essential mentally and physically for the team as a whole, as they look to finish their regular season strong this Friday when they return to Wheaton. After the Wheaton Invitational, all the hard work the team has put in will be put to the test at Williams for the NESCAC Championship.

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