Scott Brown’s comments on “school of hard knocks” draw fire online

Posted by thetuftsdaily on October 6, 2011 under Cities | Be the First to Comment

Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown’s (R) response this morning to comments made by Democratic contender Elizabeth Warren has attracted a host of criticisms, particularly in the online sphere.

Responding to a question at a debate about how she had paid for college, Warren had said “I didn’t take my clothes off,” referencing the fact that Brown had posed nude for Cosmo. In an interview this morning with WZLX-FM, Brown first responded by saying “Thank God.”

Later on in the same interview, presumably in reference to Warren’s professorial appointment at Harvard Law School, Brown said, “You know what, listen: Bottom line is, you know, I didn’t go to Harvard, you know, I went to the school of hard knocks, and I did whatever I had to do to pay for school.”

Brown’s statement has drawn a lot of response on political blogs as well social media like Twitter and Facebook, with many pointing out that he attended both Tufts and Boston College Law School, neither of which are commonly perceived to fit his description of being a “school of hard knocks.” Many also pointed out that Warren did not attend Harvard but instead graduated from the University of Houston and got her law degree at Rutgers.

Republicans have tried to portray Warren, the Democratic frontrunner in the Senate race, as an out-of-touch academic.

Here are some of the tweets about Brown’s statement:

“i can’t believe he said it either. . .tufts is hardly the “school of hard knocks” #jumbopride”

“So- did Scott Brown just christen Tufts the ‘school of hard knocks?” Because… no. Just no.”

“Listen up @USSenScottBrown: You went to Tufts University and BC Law, not the School of Hard Knocks. Give it a rest.”

“Scott Brown’s School of Hard Knocks = Tufts”

“i didnt realize that we were calling tufts “the school of hard knocks” now”

“Scott Brown: “Bottom line is, I didn’t go to Harvard. I went to the school of hard knocks.” Actually, you went to Tufts. #nothardknocks”

“So when @USSenScottBrown calls @elizabethforma “elitist,” is he partaking in #classwarfare? Tufts & BC cost just as much as Harvard, Senator”

“Scott Brown told WZLX he went to “the school of hard-knocks” Errr.. Wakefield High School, Tufts University, or Boston College Law School?”

“@ScottBrownMA Tufts & BC Law aint schools of hard knocks; they’re a bit more elitist than where Elizabeth Warren went #accidentalsenator”

“if #tufts is the school of hard knocks, i’m either jay-z or hulk hogan #notachanceinhell”

“wonder if @ScottBrownMA knows posing nude to attend Tufts&Boston College isn’t more hard knocks than scholarship & job for Houston&Rutgers.”

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