Hot off the press: The Indie Movement Issue

Posted by thetuftsdaily on October 6, 2011 under Campus News | Be the First to Comment

Get ready to rage: The Programming Board announced that indie-rock band Matt and Kim will headline this month’s Cage Rage concert on Oct. 22. Timeflies, the electro-pop duo made up of Tufts alums, will open the event. Timeflies recently climbed the iTunes album charts, reaching no. 8 on the pop album chart. Check out the clip below as a preview for what’s in store.

Hot wheels: For this week’s Weekender Feature, Arts Editor Charissa Ng introduces you to newest innovation in retail sales: the phenomenon of mobile fashion trucks. Now you can not only get food off of a truck, but vintage fashion and sneakers as well. Watch out runways, a new fashion trend is coming your way — on wheels.

Rise up: Kumar Ramanathan’s op-ed piece is the latest addition to the discussion on the rapidly spreading Occupy movement, which recently made its way into Boston. Ramanathan says that those who criticize the movement for not having concrete goals have missed the point. “The liberal critique of the Occupy movement misses its central nature. This is not a conventional protest targeted at one cause; it’s a much bolder social movement,” he writes.

Tufts tweet of the day: “Just took part in #ReadfortheRecord yea Llama Llama Red Pajama! Literacy is alive and well at Tufts Jumpstart!”

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