Anonymous Jumbo Noms creators prepare for second business weekend

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Beyond the vending machine there’s a new college snack service: Jumbo Noms.

When Tufts students craved late night nibbles Feb. 22-24, Jumbo Noms deliverers answered their texted orders with food to their door in 15 minutes or less. Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 12.28.45 AM

“We want to provide an alternative to people in regards to late night snacking,” a Jumbo Noms co-founder, a senior, said. “We’ve been up at 2 or 3 a.m. and wait for food for several hours, sometimes without it coming. We want people to avoid those waits.”

Two anonymous seniors created the business Feb. 17 as an inexpensive, fast way for students to purchase late night snacks Friday through Sunday. From different fraternities and unsure how the business will evolve, these founders have remained anonymous to everyone but their delivery boys, both Tufts students.

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Tufts Confessions creator tells all

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It’s reminiscent of College ACB: Anonymous students submit personal confessions or Tufts-related gossip. Each post is featured on a Facebook page for students to view.

Or such is Tufts Confessions’ creator Nicole Dahan’s hope.

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 5.22.35 PM

Dahan, a sophomore, began the Facebook page Feb. 15 as a comical way for students to share things they wouldn’t otherwise say. Since it launched, over 600 students have “liked” and submitted messages to the Facebook page.

Anonymous students’ confessions inundate the SurveyMonkey account that feeds the page — which just requires an answer to the question “What is your Tufts confession?”. From anecdotes about weekend antics to secret crushes, Dahan publishes all submissions.

“Some are definitely a joke,” Dahan said. “But I think some of them are definitely truthful. As long as no one is directly insulted, I put it on the page.”

Though she does not read confessions before posting them, she said she has been surprised by their content. Compared to that she read on the University of Wisconsin Confessions page that inspired her creation, Dahan said she expected fewer wild stories from Tufts.

“Our posts are equally crazy as schools really renowned for being a party school,” Dahan said. “I didn’t think people were so weird.”

Several colleges in the United States have similar anonymous tell-all Facebook accounts.

While these pages’ posts cover various topics, Tufts Free Compliments president Brendan Conron, a sophomore, said he believes Tufts Confessions does not accurately portray the character of Tufts’ undergraduate students.

“Ideally, it would serve as a way for people to express a sentiment that if their name was attached to it they’d be socially judged for it,” Conron said. “The way it’s being used is kind of sad.”

In the process of implementing Tufts Free Compliments’ new anonymous submission site — created before Tufts Confessions — Conron said he commends Dahan’s savvy in how she operates the Facebook page.

Yet Conron said he is worried false submissions could tarnish others’ reputation on campus. For example, recent posts about fraternity hazing he said worried him.

“People need to realize responsible usage,” Conron said. “This is the most vocal I’ve seen Tufts students.”

While she said she has not had problems with the page, Dahan said she would take down individual posts if a student requested it.

Thus far, Dahan has balanced the demands of the page with homework without issue — if the time burden increases, she said she’ll solicit posting help from a friend.

Student groups host Valentine’s Day events

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Whether the celebration is Galentine’s or Valentine’s Day, this week’s holidays enable guilt-free excuses for eating chocolate. And campus event organizers are spreading the love with related events through Feb. 14.

Tufts Student Resources (TSR) has two balloon and candy bundles for students to give their significant others. Online, in the dining halls or at the Campus Center, TSR employees are selling a “Hugs ‘n Kisses” or “Lots o’ Love” package for smitten Jumbos.

Celebrations Packages by TSR

Celebrations Packages by TSR

Bare Bodwin’s members will read Shakespeare sonnets in front of the Aidekman Arts Complex during open block Thursday from noon to 1 p.m. With cookies, hot chocolate and the opportunity for students to recite the sonnets as well, it seems like at least Elizabethan love is in the air.

Those without plans on Valentine’s Day can find some solace with Love146’s “Broken Hearts.” There’ll be music, poetry, desserts and storytelling. In Sophia Gordon Hall from 7 to 9 p.m., the organization will raise awareness about child sex trafficking — helping a group in need of love on a day dedicated to the emotion.

At the same time, Tufts Vagina Monologues will be hosting a One Billion Rising dance party on the Tisch Library roof in addition to a flash mob happening tonight in Davis Square. With a similar event in Somerville, this event focuses on ending violence against women across the world.

Health Services integrates digital check-in system

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Health Services installed two laptops in the building’s reception area on Jan. 23, allowing students to check themselves in for scheduled or drop-in appointments.

Rather than sign in at the front desk, the new system asks patients to enter their information — name, student identification number and ailment or appointment time — as well as answer a few questions about their mental health on a computer in the reception area.

Two laptops are stationed in the reception area at Health Services for students to check themselves in. Photo by Justin McCallum.

Two laptops are stationed in the reception area at Health Services for students to check themselves in. Photo by Justin McCallum.

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Off-campus student homes affected by winter break Somerville Police chase

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While many students were home for the holidays, Somerville Police chased four suspects by car and foot into Medford and Davis Square on Jan. 7.

By Leonard Street and Powder House Boulevard, the search for these suspects–which included a car and foot chase as well as a low-flying helicopter–occurred in close proximity to Tufts Medford/Somerville campus, according to a Somerville Patch article from Jan. 8.

While they were not involved in the car chase, Tufts University Police Department officers created a “protective perimeter” around the area of campus by Powder House Square.

Though the police chase did not directly affect the Medford/Somerville campus, some off-campus student houses were in the path. Students like Martine Kaplan and Kapri Walling, seniors, witnessed the events from their homes in Somerville as they unfolded–Somerville Police asked individuals in the area to stay indoors until suspects were apprehended.

While no one from Tufts has not released an official statement about the matter, University President Anthony Monaco announced on Twitter that he began an investigation on Jan. 8 about the incident. Since then, the Department of Public and Environmental Safety has been looking into how to better support community safety in future incidents, Director of Public Relations Kim Thurler told the Daily in an email.

Somerville Police arrested the suspects later on Jan. 7.

Response rate increases with online course evaluations

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The response rate for online course evaluations increased from previous semesters when the professors distributed paper copies of the document in class.

“We expected a drop in rate,” Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate Vice President Meredith Goldberg, a senior, said. “But I think the ultimate bump in responses was because people were able to do it on their on time and it was easily accessible.”

Seventy-eight percent of undergraduate students completed their course evaluations this semester through Trunk, Goldberg said. Open from Nov. 26 to Dec. 10, the online system featured the same questions as the paper evaluations.

Within the next year, though, the Student Course Evaluation Subcommittee in the Education Policy Committee will present new content for the online course evaluation. The revamped document will featuring fewer, more qualitative questions, according to a Nov. 30 Tufts Daily article.

University President hosts “A Strategy on Tufts” meeting

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University President Anthony Monaco presented three initiatives which compose “A Strategy on Tufts” in Cabot Auditorium on Monday afternoon.

After nearly 1.5 years in this position, Monaco said he spent most of his time on a “listening tour” of Tufts to learn more about the community. To form his initial plans as president, Monaco said he considered how to better foster interdisciplinary teaching and research at Tufts.

Next March, he will release the first draft of a Strategic Plan, or T10, that establishes policies for “distinctive areas” that require attention–mostly subjects students brought to him in his meetings with various groups on Tufts’ three campuses, Monaco said in the town meeting.

From student experience and diversity to entrepreneurship and Tufts in the World, the Tufts community can give feedback on each section of the T10 before the document is finalized.

“We also need to consider what higher education, and Tufts in particular, is faced with challenges and opportunities,” Monaco said. “It’s important for us to think about how we’re going to support that strategic plan going forward.”

Next year, Monaco said the university will hire consultants to benefit Tufts Effectiveness in Administrative Management (TEAM) in order to better organize how the school allocates funds.

“If we keep going with the way we do our current work, things look dire,” Monaco said. “It’s a challenging financial environment out there and we need to work in a way that optimizes our practices.”

Although certain measures in the Tufts University Capital Plan are already in place, Monaco outlined elements of this process he will continue to implement, like deferred maintenance projects and technology upgrades around campus.

Following his presentation, Monaco answered questions from the audience, ranging in topics from student engagement in the plan to financial aid.

In the question and answer period, Monaco said he is considering a plan to extend freshman orientation programming beyond that of one week to expand the resources Tufts provides to first year students.

University President joins students on Election Night at Mayer Campus Center

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Unlike one-third of students who voted at Gantcher Center today, University President Anthony Monaco had no problem casting his ballot this morning.

Brionna Jimerson / Tufts Daily

Brionna Jimerson / Tufts Daily

But that will not stop him from looking into what went wrong. Monaco said he plans to inquire further about the voting issues students faced in today’s Massachusetts election.

Although he would not discuss whom he voted for, Monaco said he proud of how many students participated in this election. Be it through partisan and voter registration groups or writing about politics in campus publications, the number of election-related things going on around campus demonstrated Tufts’ message of active cit

“The elephants on my tie are about Jumbo pride,” Monaco said. ”

Walking around the Mayer Campus Center for the ExCollege’s Election Night Extravaganza, Monaco said he does not plan to speak, but is pleased to see a large number of students at the event.

“It’s great to be here and the excitement is palpable,” Monaco said.

Zach Braff speaks at North Eastern Warren Rally

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Stephanie Haven / The Tufts Daily

Boston-area students and Warren volunteers packed the university’s Fenway Center to hear US Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren, Zach Braff and Councillor Ayanna Pressley discuss the importance of volunteering for Democratic candidates in the final weeks before the Nov. 6 election.

Pressley and Warren spoke first, highlighting the differences between the Republican and Democratic platforms.

Braff then discussed his frustration about the campaigns thus far, and urged attendees to help register all of their friends to vote before Massachusetts’ deadline on Wednesday.

The “Scrubs” and “Garden State” star said he was ti,red of literally throwing his shoes at his Los Angeles home wall. Instead, Braff said he ventured across the country to encourage students’ involvement in Warren’s campaign, as well as President Barack Obama’s reelection.

Later on Saturday, Braff rallied with Warren again at the University of Massachusetts: Amherst and Clark University in Worchester.

Stephanie Haven / The Tufts Daily

Stephanie Haven / The Tufts Daily

Showering ban email spoofs Reitman’s announcement of NQR sanctions

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Someone identifying as Barry Krakow on Wednesday sent an e-mail to undisclosed recipients with a tongue-in-cheek warning about the dangers of showering naked.

“These ‘showers’ involve students stripping fully naked and pouring water over themselves while standing on slippery tiles, often at early hours of the morning or late hours of the night,” Krakow wrote in his 9:20 p.m. e-mail. “On weekends, students are often intoxicated or hung-over, posing an even greater personal risk.”
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